Monday, July 6, 2009

Online Marketing opinion about SEO for Luxury Products

I have been involved for SEO of Luxury Products , it really luxury as it is private jet, luxury resorts, etc. That I have analyzed it deeply, there are really huge potential for marketing this product, that there are still less competitive than mass products and also it will convert you easier. There are some important elements that may take a look as following.

1. Website Usability and Look & Feel
These components are most important for Luxury products. You can't make it easier looking for bot or robot otherwise you will get any value and of course , it will harm your offline business.
You can design with flash and combine with text with easy navigation. There is no issue any more about flash code with Google. It just about fully index by Google that you may need to use other elements to support instead focus to get rid of flash.

Clear Navigation is very important for luxury target audiences which they have spent less time in research information that you need to make it easier for them.

2. Link Development
To get the back-link from target websites (luxury review, or luxury magazine or business news) will make impact to your website. There are different in term of general products and luxury, you may need to research more for target audience that you will get more links and traffic in the same time. As luxury products, mostly promote much more in offline world, that you can ask media to support you easily rather just doing much more mass-directory submission.

3. Measurement
Lead time is one factor that you may need to analyze deeply, to check repeat visitors and also measurement other point of contacts as well. Luxury products. The cookie tracking is important for you to make the planning your package.

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