Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10-step for successful social media

This below is the idea about 10-step for successful social media. You can use this adapt into your campaign.

1. You have to listen to/observe what the target audience is doing in social media. What they interesting / what topic that they most discuss and what website they referring to.
2. Create a “social object” that is relevant to the
brand and of genuine interest.
3. Segment the target into tribes. Give them
something they can join. We cannot convey the same message to all people, we need to segment it and convey the right message to right people.
4. Allow them to engage via their preferred
platform of choice—create multiple interfaces
to your community. Some people love video, some people crazy in photo, we can let them what they prefer that will give them unlimited ideas.
5. Make the experience better when shared. Make the people feel good experience when they are engaging, don't make them fear , such as over-throw messages and some scam things.
6. Optimise your content for sharing—particularly via newsfeeds and Twitter. To be remember that, Newsfeed and Twitter, people pull information, if there are lot of content which duplicated or not interesting, people will stop pulling that and you will loss that group of people.
7 . Use paid-for media to get the ball rolling. Advertising & PR will help pushing the campaign and let people aware of the campaign message. It should be integrated communication, most important thing, it must be the same big idea as social media that people will interest in one topic.
8. Take advantage of extreme targeting offered by social networks.
9. Make sure you have the resources to manage your community management and refresh the content.
10. Track the results and optimise. It is most important thing to do that you will measure how effective of campaign when you run the social media campaign.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eye Tracking Study 2009

I have found this presentation of Eye Tracking Study in 2009 , that focus on Social Website like Facebook, Twitter, that we can see how user behavior when they are using social media site. For this research , It will answer you this question. "Will people click the ads in social networking sites?

- The study found that 65% of participants engaged with sponsored ads within the first 10 seconds of their search.
- Scan paths do not follow the order of the search result positions. Often, sponsored ads were looked at before the third or fourth result.
- There is not a significant difference in fixation duration across the first four results or sponsored ads on both Facebook and YouTube.
- 50% of participants were satisfied with their brand search on Twitter. Many liked that they could find the most current opinions about a product.