Friday, July 10, 2009

Priceline & Ticketmaster Partnership

The big OTA player, Priceline has become the official travel partner with Ticketmaster. The partnership will bring special offers for airline, rental car and hotels through Priceline, allowing customers attending an out-of-town event to make travel arrangements while purchasing tickets to an event. Also, The exclusive partnership allows Ticketmaster, a unit of Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., to provide customers various hotel, airline and rental car offers from Ticketmaster estimates that 20-30 percent of an event's audience is from out of town.

This is interesting point that they mention to expand internationally that first market that I guess, will be UK that now the existing big player is (Division of Travelocity) , direct competitor of Priceline. From my opinion, They might use Ticketmaster to integrate with (which is leading online travel agency) which own by Priceline to compete with local players there.

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