Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Consumer Spending with Media

I just have reviewed the recent research paper from Forrester about Consumer Online Behavior that are some interesting points as following.

- While the 18-29 year old set spends the most time online (although by just 2 hours per week over the 18-43 year old set) the type of usage varies greatly.

- Overall the usage of the various media is steadying over the past 5 years with the largest change happening on the Internet. If you are the newspaper, radio or magazine business, though, the term ’steadying’ may need to be replaced with the word ‘disconcerting

- The Internet is mostly an extension of what someone is / or does offline. If you watch a lot of TV offline you are either moving from the couch to the desktop or maybe you’re just too lazy and you are putting your laptop on your lap on the couch but guess what you are doing either way: watching TV.

- Social networking isn’t just for Gen Yers anymore. Double-digit growth numbers for the use of online social networking sites proves that the phenomenon has moved well beyond the realm of college students.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally Microsoft & Yahoo! agree on search platform partnership

Yesterday (Wednesday) it is another big day of Internet Industry as Microsoft & Yahoo set up conference call to announce the deal. It is 10-year deal gives Microsoft its best shot yet to show its new search technology, Bing, is as good as or better than Google's. Microsoft also hopes to use Yahoo to divert sales from Google, which generates more than $20 billion a year from ads. During the first five years of the deal, Yahoo! will get to keep 88-percent of the ad revenue from its own search sites and will be able to sell ads on certain Microsoft Web sites, as well, becoming the exclusive force behind Microsoft's advertising sales initiatives.

For this deal , Microsoft will gain access to Yahoo's audience would instantly more than triple Bing's U.S. market share to 28 percent. That's still a far from the remarkable 65 percent of U.S. searches handled by Google, according to the research firm comScore Inc.

This deal will make the cons to Yahoo as Yahoo will have limited access to the data on users' searches, which yield insights that can be used to pick out ads more likely to pique a person's interest. The value of that information is why Microsoft wants to process more search requests.

You can also view what will be about Yahoo Deal overview shown below.

I also found funny logo about this search deal as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Online Shopping in Facebook

Today I have found the creativity idea of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM which set up the store front page in Special Offer page in Facebook. If you are not the Fan yet, it will look like this image that you can see only feature product and leads to their website.

Then, I click to become a Fan of , then I see the page has been changed to this .

That's cool! That we can interact to product without leaving facebook. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has teamed up with ad network / app developer Alvenda to bring its store to a potentially massive audience on Facebook (although only some 1530 people have become a fan of the florist shop’s Page so far).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter 101 Special Guide for Business

Today Twitter has unveiled Twitter 101 (A Special Guide) that explain what Twitter is and how businesses can use it, along with case studies of a few companies that use Twitter. They show Dell, Jetblue, Pepsi, etc. as case study about how to adapt Twitter to communicate with customers and generate sale from Twitter post. Also they have Best Pratice for marketers as well. Let's check it out full information at here :

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Basic differences in perceptions of online media by men and women

There are some interesting about perception from Men and Women of the social media and online media consumption. I have found some interesting information as following.

- Men on Twitter would always write a statement. Women have a larger tendency to ask a question or to convey a feeling that draws empathy or compassion.

- 63 per cent of Facebook users are men, with a growing membership of women, aged above 55.

- Andrew Robertson of BBDO said there are three fundamental differences between men and women. Men are more about scoring, fantasy and destination. "This is why, men enjoy online games much more than women. In fact, 84 per cent of virtual reality players are men."

- 63 per cent of women in the UK complain that men spend too much time playing online games.

- Women are about relationships, reality and journeys. They are more interested in checking emails, interacting with friends and family members and blogging. Twenty-five per cent of women said blogs have reduced the time they spend on reading magazines. More women post profile pictures on Facebook with friends