Monday, July 6, 2009

New E-Mail Marketing Trends

I just got new E-Mail Marketing Metrics Report from MailerMailer. That quite interest that they have report about Click Rate changes, Top 10 Words in Subject line, Message Format.

There are some interesting points as following.

- How Soon Do People Open Their Email? – 74.5% of opens occur within the first 24 • hours and 84.3% occur within the first 48 hours.
- Open Rates – The overall unique open rates stand at 12.52% which is a marginal decline • from the 13.20% open rate experienced in the first half of 2008.
- Monday is the clear winner having both the highest open rate and click rate.

Ten Most Popular Terms
1. news
2. party
3. newsletter
4. free
5. night
6. sale
7. com
8. update
9. holiday
10. week

That's quite interest that you can get this report by downloading from this link :

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