Sunday, July 26, 2009

Basic differences in perceptions of online media by men and women

There are some interesting about perception from Men and Women of the social media and online media consumption. I have found some interesting information as following.

- Men on Twitter would always write a statement. Women have a larger tendency to ask a question or to convey a feeling that draws empathy or compassion.

- 63 per cent of Facebook users are men, with a growing membership of women, aged above 55.

- Andrew Robertson of BBDO said there are three fundamental differences between men and women. Men are more about scoring, fantasy and destination. "This is why, men enjoy online games much more than women. In fact, 84 per cent of virtual reality players are men."

- 63 per cent of women in the UK complain that men spend too much time playing online games.

- Women are about relationships, reality and journeys. They are more interested in checking emails, interacting with friends and family members and blogging. Twenty-five per cent of women said blogs have reduced the time they spend on reading magazines. More women post profile pictures on Facebook with friends

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