Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally Microsoft & Yahoo! agree on search platform partnership

Yesterday (Wednesday) it is another big day of Internet Industry as Microsoft & Yahoo set up conference call to announce the deal. It is 10-year deal gives Microsoft its best shot yet to show its new search technology, Bing, is as good as or better than Google's. Microsoft also hopes to use Yahoo to divert sales from Google, which generates more than $20 billion a year from ads. During the first five years of the deal, Yahoo! will get to keep 88-percent of the ad revenue from its own search sites and will be able to sell ads on certain Microsoft Web sites, as well, becoming the exclusive force behind Microsoft's advertising sales initiatives.

For this deal , Microsoft will gain access to Yahoo's audience would instantly more than triple Bing's U.S. market share to 28 percent. That's still a far from the remarkable 65 percent of U.S. searches handled by Google, according to the research firm comScore Inc.

This deal will make the cons to Yahoo as Yahoo will have limited access to the data on users' searches, which yield insights that can be used to pick out ads more likely to pique a person's interest. The value of that information is why Microsoft wants to process more search requests.

You can also view what will be about Yahoo Deal overview shown below.

I also found funny logo about this search deal as well.

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