Thursday, July 23, 2009

Search is key for travel planning.

I just read " "The Traveler's Road to Decision," released from Google and OTX on Tuesday, there are some interesting point that I would summarize as following.

- Business travelers are more likely to seek out money-saving packages, access travel sites from their mobile phone, and become a rewards travel program member.

- 25% of business travelers are more likely to access information on their phone, and 83% of business travelers belong to a rewards program.

- Most Search advertisers still don't share the message of specific rewards programs in search campaign yet.

- Google found research to booking could stretch as far as 18.1 weeks on average. That's when more generic phrases are searched on.

- Consumers rely on search engines throughout the trip-planning process more so than travel search sites

- When consumers looking information about hotels, 81% rely on search engines when looking for business overnight accommodations vs. 67% personal; 74% business air travel vs. 59%; 60% destinations vs. 59% personal; and 51% vacation activities vs. 55% personal.

- Travel videos have also become important as people plan trips.

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