Saturday, September 11, 2010

Google Instant - Findings

Google recently launched the new service to change the Search Experience, called "Google Instant", this new service becomes talk of the town to all news and media including CNN as well. This new service, SEO community started talking about a month ago and discuss in 
different perspective from SEO and Users. 

The one that I have discovered from last couple days, check it out these findings.

- Search evaluation process will be more competitive (for example : Searching for Kindle , you will see Google suggests "Kindle VS Nook". 

We can use the data visualization tool (ie., to retrieve  the Google Suggest data for expanding your idea when you develop keyword strategy. This below figure is example of Kindle suggestion. 

- Trend is inspiring the searcher who looking for new product and alternative. For each market, the trend is different. You may see the example for Samsung (US market VS UK market), the product interests and keywords are significant different.

- Search Listing is more significant important (SEO is playing important role on this). As users will have spend less time to scan on each AJAX refreshing the result and will keep searching until they found what they are looking for. Title and Description will be key role to attract their eyes.

- Online Reputation Management will be more important as Google suggestion might create some suggestion which devalue the brand to users and make them notice and continue searching on in-depth information. This search query is good example for Thailand Travel, Google suggests "Thailand Travel Warnings", that you will see the different result when you search for other destination.

- Search Analytic , this is interesting that we need to start tracking the partial search query apart from usual full keyword tracking. After this launch for a week, you will start seeing people sharing the discover and findings from the new tracking methods. Love to see other analytic reports. Please do share if you have started implementing. 

You may try this set up method and share what you found. I've already implemented for my own blog. 

For people who wanna see full launch of Google Instant, you can check it out this video. It's a bit long video but really worth for watching.

Will keep you post more on findings for Google Instant. 


  1. I agree, titles will become way more important and descriptions--even well written ones will probably not get read unless the title catches the user's eye.

    Interesting point about reputation management. But that's going to be hard to manage; what other people search for is never under your control.

  2. Yes, I agree with your point that we can't control people search but we can optimize it, there are three main factors to influence the Google Suggest: Content, Anchor Text and Search Volume.