Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Ways to Measure a Social Media Campaign

To know how successful of social media campaign , you need to get the right measurement metrics that can judge whether is it successful or not. I always use these 5 key metrics in order to measure the social media campaign .

Metric 1 : Traffic
You need to monitor the traffic before and after you launch social media campaign, also you can analyze the source of traffic by using your analytics tool such as Google Analytics. It can know as referral source and also direct traffic and also keyword search as well.

Metric 2 : Interaction
You can measure the interaction of social media campaign by using different key measurement , for example : in Twitter, you can use Retweet
figure to measure how successful in each message or campaign message that you send out each time. For the blog and also , you can see how much people Response / Comment on your post. It will be count both negative , neutral and also positive sentiment.

Metric 3 : Sales
For the sales, if you using the Google analytics tool or other well known tool, you can determine the source of traffic which generated the sales and you can measure the return on investment, conversion rate from each visits compare to other traditional media, search marketing and also display advertising as well.

Metric 4 : Leads
Some website, there is no e-commerce transaction but it is lead generating site. You can use Lead as your major KPI to measure how successful of converting visitor from social media to be prospect buyer (lead). You can use Google Analytics and set up goal for lead in this case.

Metric 5 : Engagement
For the engagement measurement, the ideal you can measurement by using average time spent on the site that it is easier to track on the visitors who came from social media campaign (using Google analytics tool).

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