Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who's on Twitter

I just review the research paper about Twitter, it quite interest to learn about Demographic data of Twitter users. More than one-half of all Twitter users (53%) are women, and the majority are young. Among users who disclose their age, 66% are under 25, and another 15% are ages 25 to 29. That's huge market for consumer products which target to teenagers.

Most Twitter users are quiet: 85.37% tweet less than once per day. Only about 1.1% of users update their timeline an average of more than 10 times daily. This means a small group of users dominate the Twitter timeline—75% of all Twitter activity comes from just 5% of users.

Marketers are also more likely to update than the average Twitter user. More than 65% post less than once daily—significantly better than the 85.4% overall figure. Another 6.3% of social media marketers post twice per day (compared with 2.8% overall), and 4.3% post at least nine updates per day (versus 1.31% overall). There are significant growth of using social media for marketing campaign. The new digital marketing plan, it always included Twitter and Facebook as tools for communicating to target audience.

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